No Need to Worry About the Hype of Kissing Bugs, Say Experts at Ohio State University

A life-threatening disease from kissing bugs have been taking rounds in Ohio. Yes, you heard it right! Kissing bugs, also referred to as triatomine bugs that tend to bite their victims, especially around the mouth, have caused a total chaos in the heart of this city. Ohio being a native place of breeding for bugs has been a cause of genuine worry in this city. But, you need not worry, for the fear of getting Chagas disease from kissing bugs has been called unwarranted in Ohio.

As per several reported information, infections caused by these insects have been greatly curbed in the Southern region of Ohio. While these infections do hold the potential of spreading chronic Chagas disease, the real threat is prevented from building further for the time being. Therefore, this disease may pose as a dangerous threat in several other parts of the world, fears, especially in South of Ohio, are unseemly and uncalled for.

Melanie Amato of the Ohio of Department Health even stated that up till now no cases of Chagas disease have been reported in Ohio.

In fact, experts at Ohio State University’s entomology department even say, “Chagas disease is an important illness all through Central and South America. However, the risk of contracting this disease in Ohio is extremely low.”

They even further added that the possibility of transmitting Chagas disease by bugs in the United States of America, in general, is extremely low. This fact was supported by Amy Rowland, senior public affairs and communication specialist for the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, when she said, “In fact, it’s rare for Chagas disease to be transmitted by bugs in the United States in general.”

Statistics show that there is hardly any American in the United States of America who has been infected by Chagas disease. Dr. Susan Montgomery and her team at CDC, which remains fully focused on parasitic disease of domestic importance, is reported to have found not more than 30 documented cases of Chagas disease in the entire America.

Most of the Americans (300,000) who have the Chagas disease are said to have come in contact with this disease outside America or through other different ways such as; blood transfusions, organ transplants or being inherited from their infected mothers.

Certain false reports that suggested that bugs were increasing in number, have also been nullified, said CDC’s Rowland through an email. It is primarily due to the fact that people are now becoming more and more aware of the bugs and the disease.

Ohio State University entomologist, Norman Johnson, while resolving the panic that has been rising among the mass, assured that kissing bugs don’t bite unless they feel threatened and picked up. They are known to feed on the blood of wild animals and prefer to live in a natural environment. Therefore, they are hardly ever found to be in or around human accommodation areas. Moreover, since they only ever feed at nights – humans tend to be way out of danger.